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29 octobre 2008

Very softie softie...

Very softie softie, rabbit doll (The little Cripoo), with it’s doll bag.                   
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21 juillet 2008

What's new :)

Here I am back, but not for long. It will be great; finally in two weeks I’ll go home for vacation. I have worked hard these past three months. Thanks to Françoise, my creations will be soon for sale in a toy shop called le Bocal d’Ursule. Thanks Françoise, thanks Elodie ;) The address of the shop for those who are interested is as follows: Le Bocal d’Ursule 43, rue des Godrans 21000 Dijon ......     .... ... [Lire la suite]
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24 mars 2008

Hmmm... This is yami.

Again the dolls, but from now on they will be on sale in my new shop ;-) Do not hesitate to go and visit, let me know your impressions.                   Click on each picture to enlarge. I also have some cute little aprons...
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30 janvier 2008

I have a new baby

So here's my new baby. I have thought a lot to find its name and finally, I call it The little Cripoo. Do you think the name is becoming? Until later ;-)                                                                          Click on each... [Lire la suite]
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29 janvier 2008

Some news from my dolls

I’ve just registered the shape of my dolls at INPI (Institut national de la propriété intellectuelle). I am very happy, because from now on they are mine :-))
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23 janvier 2008

The spotty Little Gloogloo

Approach, approach..... Come and see my spotty teddy bears, for the pleasure of those who love spots.                                        Click on each picture to enlarge.                     So what do you think?
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14 janvier 2008

The inseparable friends

Meanwhile The ZAZOOs have found a new friend: an elephant called The little Ticoo which since then, they are inseparable.
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14 janvier 2008

My 1OO% COTTON dolls

I’ve changed a little bit the shape of my dolls. In order to be safely hugged by all ages even the little ones. These are my first tests:          Click on each picture to enlarge.        
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11 décembre 2007

The littele Gloogloo

Here is the sun shin. Finally I managed to take a photo of my new doll called The little Gloogloo.                               Click on each picture to enlarge.                                   
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14 novembre 2007

Welcome to the ZAZOOs

What do you think of my giraffe’s dolls? Those are gifts that I made for two small newborns, a little girl and a boy. They called ZAZOOs. Hope, they would be liked.                                    Click on each picture to enlarge.           
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