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21 juillet 2008

What's new :)

Here I am back, but not for long. It will be great; finally in two weeks I’ll go home for vacation.

I have worked hard these past three months. Thanks to Françoise, my creations will be soon for sale in a toy shop called le Bocal d’Ursule.

Thanks Françoise, thanks Elodie ;)

The address of the shop for those who are interested is as follows:

Le Bocal d’Ursule

43, rue des Godrans

21000 Dijon


  ZAZOOs_Cripoo  gloogloo_Coopidoo




And my new cat doll called The little Coopidoo.


The_little_Coopidoo  The_little_Coopidoo_1




My candy necklaces


And some sliding bags with a fish patchwork 



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