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29 octobre 2008

Very softie softie...

Very softie softie, rabbit doll (The little Cripoo), with it’s doll bag.


ThelittleCripoo_rose2  ThelittleCripoo_rose3


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02 octobre 2008

Blue XXL scarf

Finally my scarf is finished :))


echarpe_XXL_bleu_3  echarpe_XXL_bleu_6


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29 septembre 2008

Gotye - Coming Back
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26 septembre 2008

Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life
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25 septembre 2008

Blue XXL scarf

Just a little hello since I am a little bit tired and sick.

Two days ago, suddenly, I felt like I want to knit a scarf, for that I have found this very nice and warm wool. My scarf is not yet finished but it will be finished very fast with the needle number 15!

I will certainly adjust one or two knitted flours with blue metallic yarn with a long fringe.

Some photos of the evolution of my work:


echarpe_XXL_bleu_2 echarpe_XXL_bleu_1

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12 septembre 2008

Return from vacation

Here I'm back from vacation, I am a bit sad. It has been always difficult to separate from my family and my friends.

I find it very difficult to get morale and put me to work!!??

Still I would like to show you what I have made as a gift for Amitis best friend.  

                          Little bag (Rose fower) & it's pin


sac_fleur_rose_3    sac_fleur_rose_4

                                  The pin (Rose flower)



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25 juillet 2008

Before the holidays!

My latest creations are these two hand bags. It was a special order.

This is the second time that I’ve received a sur mesure commands. However It was not very easy not knowing the person for whom it was the gift. But it's always exciting to see people's reactions!

Hand bag (Umbrella)

sac_parapluie_3  sac_parapluie




sac_parapluie_2  sac_parapluie_1

Hand bag (Blue flower)




sac_fleur_bleue  sac_fleur_bleue_1



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21 juillet 2008

What's new :)

Here I am back, but not for long. It will be great; finally in two weeks I’ll go home for vacation.

I have worked hard these past three months. Thanks to Françoise, my creations will be soon for sale in a toy shop called le Bocal d’Ursule.

Thanks Françoise, thanks Elodie ;)

The address of the shop for those who are interested is as follows:

Le Bocal d’Ursule

43, rue des Godrans

21000 Dijon


  ZAZOOs_Cripoo  gloogloo_Coopidoo




And my new cat doll called The little Coopidoo.


The_little_Coopidoo  The_little_Coopidoo_1




My candy necklaces


And some sliding bags with a fish patchwork 



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30 mai 2008

Niyaz: The Hunt "Live"

I’m wandering if you know the name of this group. They are Persian; the singer is called Azam Ali. I found it very nice.

Azam ali-The Hunt
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25 mai 2008

Funny curtains (next)

So it’s done.

I am quite satisfied with our work; anyway, Amitis has enjoyed it. Surely I didn’t spend all my time making the curtains!!

As a matter of fact, I prepare a collection to present to a toy store which takes all my time.


                                               Click on each picture to enlarge. 

rideau_rigolo_6  rideau_rigolot_7

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